Snow Above the Clouds

Yesterday (Saturday, 4th Feb), Jeff, Dan, Jack and Paul visited Mt Waterman to take advantage of the half price tickets available to club members.

I (Jeremy) hiked up the hill, after about half way I realized that I would have been much better off borrowing some of the club's snowshoes, but I thought it would be too much effort to go back and get them. This was a mistake. It was hard to see where the trail was and occasionally I would walk into a drift, and sink up to my knees and beyond. The dogs tried to be helpful, but usually weren't:

(Notice new jacket that I haven't cut label off).

But from the top, the view above the clouds was impressive.

Buckhorn wasn't the only ski club in the San Gabriel mountains. In the days before the larger resorts were opened, there was a smattering of other clubs which improvised various ski lift approaches. One of them somehow got a car to the top of the hill, and used the engine to run their ski lift. When the club was abandoned, it was too difficult to get the car down the hill again. The car is still there, slowly rusting away. On the day I visited, it was buried in the deep snow.

When I got back to the lodge, Dan was riding one of the snowmobiles - he said that he had forgotten something in his car, but I think he just wanted an excuse to ride the snowmobile.

Hey Dan! Highway is in the other direction!!