Christmas Eve at Buckhorn

Dan, Josh, Mike, and Jeff were able to make it up to the Lodge Friday the 23rd.

Here's what Jeff told me:

We were hoping for at least a foot of snow; predictions were for up to 18". We moved the vehicles off the drive, and on to the highway turnout (so we wouldn't be snowed in).

The wet snow began around 5 and by 7 it was blizzard conditions so we had a group dinner of pizza.
We did a little touring on the Angeles Crest Higway (CA highway 2) and we hunkered down for the
night. We woke to a solid 18" of powder, the wind drifted areas were deeper, the cars were buried and the highway was closed at the 6000' gate.
All of us have touring gear: Mike and Josh have split boards (snowboards), Dan and Jeff have alpine touring binding on their skis. We attached skins to the bottoms of our boards and "earned out turns"!

The pictures tell the rest of the story.

Christmas Eve Powder:

Mike and Josh:


Dan again: